An Important Warning Regarding PSN Messages


We’ve recently received reports that people are getting messages from us requested that a person should join because we are considering adding them to the new LBPicks episode. We have confirmed reports that the person who is sending these messages is responsible for corrupting profiles. We NEVER contact people via PSN messages regarding new LBPick episodes; in fact we rarely contact those who we pick until after the episode is published. If you receive a message from us requesting to meet up to be added to the next LBPicks episode, it is most definitely NOT us!

sig An Important Warning Regarding PSN Messages

Episode 9


In LittleBigPicks you’ll meet the hosts bagheadinc and leklack where they as always have picked 3 new levels for you to play. You will also hear some of the latest LittleBigPlanet news as well as see some of the recent DLC. We want to thank Fr0d0_FragginS79 for amazing scenery, mr_krispy_kreme for his lovely voice, some wonderful fish and turtle. Music by Hug-Of-War, underwater sackbots by hazbell, logic for bubbles PSYNTENS and fish from Calyst_Aayla and KlaraKatt Thank you all!



Nominated For A Sackie!


Well, the nominations are in and it seems that LittleBigPicks Episode 7 is up for a Sackie Award! We want to extend an enormous thanks to everyone who nominated us. Feel free to show your support and urge others to vote for us by adding a vote suggestions to your signature on the various LBP forums. Here’s a banner if you’d like to use it. Thanks again everyone, you guys are the best and make doing this fun. :D

ntXzU Nominated For A Sackie!

Episode 8


LittleBigPicks returns just in time to wish all a Merry Christmas! Check out the latest picks from leklack and bagheadinc, see some of the recent LBP DLC, and learn about a recent update to! Thanks to Velvet–Audio and christiandadrum for our excellent holiday music, stellakris for his wonderful Christmas tree, and Fr0d0_FragginS79 for the lovely Christmas Town!



Halloween Edition


We’re back with a vengeance with a Halloween special. Put on your nicest Halloween costume and play some really nice Halloween levels. Happy Halloween everyone! Thank you Hug-Of-War for the perfectly creepy music!

(Update: Since two of the levels we picked got MMpicked today, we added links for two new levels. Enjoy!)