Episode 9


In LittleBigPicks you’ll meet the hosts bagheadinc and leklack where they as always have picked 3 new levels for you to play. You will also hear some of the latest LittleBigPlanet news as well as see some of the recent DLC. We want to thank Fr0d0_FragginS79 for amazing scenery, mr_krispy_kreme for his lovely voice, some wonderful fish and turtle. Music by Hug-Of-War, underwater sackbots by hazbell, logic for bubbles PSYNTENS and fish from Calyst_Aayla and KlaraKatt Thank you all!


Episode 8


LittleBigPicks returns just in time to wish all a Merry Christmas! Check out the latest picks from leklack and bagheadinc, see some of the recent LBP DLC, and learn about a recent update to LBPWiki.org! Thanks to Velvet–Audio and christiandadrum for our excellent holiday music, stellakris for his wonderful Christmas tree, and Fr0d0_FragginS79 for the lovely Christmas Town!


Halloween Edition


We’re back with a vengeance with a Halloween special. Put on your nicest Halloween costume and play some really nice Halloween levels. Happy Halloween everyone! Thank you Hug-Of-War for the perfectly creepy music!

(Update: Since two of the levels we picked got MMpicked today, we added links for two new levels. Enjoy!)


Episode 7


And we are back with another episode of LittleBigPicks! In this episode you meet the hosts bagheadinc and leklack as usual but you will also meet one of the best creators in LBP all categories! Mr steve_big_guns, in an exclusive interview!!! A big thank you goes out to L1GhTmArE for help with some scenery and to stellakris who made this episodes really beautiful HUB. Hope you enjoy!


Episode 6


Another freshly made episode of LittleBigPicks is now live! The Show in LBP that does its very best to find the hidden gems and give them the plays they deserve. Now on our new LittleBigPicks account. A big thank you goes out to ShadowriverUB for special lighting effects, to fluxlasers for the awesome backgrounds, to XxBlindWolfxX for the rainbow pie, to stellakris for the beautiful jellyfish and to Fr0d0_FragginS79 for the awesome submarine. :)