Episode 5


Welcome back to LittleBigPicks! The show in LBP that tries to help all of those unnoticed but great levels out there the plays they so deserve.

I’m hoping you will think it was worth the wait.

I would like to thank XxBlindWolfxX, bagheadinc, Foofles, Fr0d0_FragginS79, Luos_83 and c_mckamey for all the help, effort and support in making this episode. Also a big belated thank you to comphermc for the awesome fonts I’ve been using in all of these picks! Hope you enjoy!

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  • alexray1118

    I’m on the mobile version of this site for Android and I can’t find the level links….any help?

    • Anonymous

      I’ve not had a chance to fix up the mobile site perfectly yet. I should have that done this week. In the mean time you can disable the mobile site with the button in the footer.

      • You’re the BEST Bag! :D

  • Zero

    another epic episode of littlebig picks comes to a close

  • Butaneflame

    i didnt see mine listed

  • Camronjk

    CamronJK gets no credit.. But the hub is 20 percent cooler!